20-25 MAY, 2024 / TORINO, ITALIA

Senior Area Chairs – SAC




Senior Area Chairs – SAC

LC01 - Applications Involving LRs and Evaluation (including Applications in Specific Domains)

Hsin-Hsi Chen

(NTU, Taiwan)

Hong Yu

(UMASS Lowell, USA)

LC02 - CL and Linguistic Theories, Cognitive Modeling and Psycholinguistics

Dag Haug

(University of Oslo, Norway)

Gianluca Lebani

(University of Venice, Italy)

LC03 - Corpora and Annotation (including Tools, Systems, Treebanks)

Archna Bhatia

(Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, USA)

Giulia Venturi

(ILC-CNR, Italy)

LC04 - Dialogue, Conversational Systems, Chatbots, Human-Robot Interaction

Vivien Chen

(NTU, Taiwan)

Jinho Choi

(Emory NLP Research Lab, USA)

LC05 - Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage

Jaap Kamps

(University of Amsterdam, Netherland)

Thierry Poibeau


LC06 - Discourse and Pragmatics

Sujian Li

(Peking University, China)

Maciej Ogrodniczuk

(ICS Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)

LC07 - Document Classification, Information Retrieval and Cross-lingual Retrieval

Liana Ermakova

(Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France)

Xiangnan He

(University of Science and Technology, China)

LC08 - Evaluation and Validation Methodologies

Ahmed Ali

(QCRI, Qatar)

Constantin Orasan

(University of Surrey, United Kingdom)

LC09 - Inference, Reasoning, Question Answering

Raffaella Bernardi

(University of Trento, Italy)

Zhiguo Wang

(Amazon, USA)

LC10 - Information Extraction, Knowledge Extraction, and Text Mining

Els Lefever

(Ghent University, Belgium)

Bonan Min

(Amazon AWS AI, USA)

LC11 - Integrated Systems and Applications

Xianpei Han

(Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Fabio Massimo Zanzotto

(University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy)

LC12 - Knowledge Discovery/Representation (including Knowledge Graphs, Linked Data, Terminology, Ontologies)

Alessandro Oltramari

(Bosch Research and Technology Center, USA)

Simone Ponzetto

(University of Mannheim, Germany)

LC13 - Language Modeling

Vincent Ng

(University of Texas at Dallas, USA)

Wenpeng Yin

(Penn State University, USA)

LC14 - Less-Resourced/Endangered/Less-studied Languages

Constantine Lignos

(Brandeis University, USA)

Francis Tyers

(Indiana University, USA)

LC15 - Lexicon and Semantics

Marianna Apidianaki

(University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Hao Fei

(National University of Singapore, Singapore)

LC16 - Machine Learning Models and Techniques for CL/NLP

Wei Lu

(Texas Tech University, USA)

Chuxu Zhang

(Brandeis University, USA)

LC17 - Multilinguality, Machine Translation, and Translation Aids (including Speech-to-Speech Translation)

Jan Niehues

(KIT, Germany)

Deyi Xiong

(Tianjin University, China)

LC18 - Multimodality, Cross-modality (including Sign Languages, Vision and Other Modalities), Multimodal Applications, Grounded Language Acquisition, and HRI

Albert Gatt

(Utrecht University, Netherland)

Nikhil Krishnaswamy

(Colorado State University, USA)

LC19 - Natural Language Generation, Summarization and Simplification

Fei Liu

(Emory University, USA)

Junyi Jessy Li

(University of Texas at Austin, USA)

LC20 - Offensive and Harmful Language Detection and Analysis

Ilia Markov

(Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherland)

Marcos Zampieri

(George Mason University, USA)

LC21 - Opinion & Argument Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Recognition/Generation

Orphee De Clercq

(Ghent University, Belgium)

Gabriella Lapesa

(GESIS Köln, HHU Düsseldorf, Germany)

LC22 - Parsing, Tagging, Chunking, Grammar, Syntax, Morphosyntax, Morphology

Wanxiang Che

(Harbin Institute of Technology, China)

Daniel Zeman

(Charles University, Czech Republic)

LC23 - Policy issues, Ethics, Legal Issues, Bias Analysis (including Language Resource Infrastructures, Standards for LRs, Metadata)

Luciana Benotti

(Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina)

Stelios Piperidis

(Institute for Lang & Speech Processing, Greece)

LC24 - Social Media Processing

A. Seza Doğruöz

(Ghent University, Belgium)

Kokil Jaidka

(National University of Singapore, Singapore)

LC25 - Speech Resources and Processing (including Phonetic Databases, Phonology, Prosody, Speech Recognition, Synthesis and Spoken Language Understanding)

Hung-yi Lee

(Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Jan Trmal

(NTU, Taiwan)

LC26 - Trustworthiness, Interpretability, and Explainability of Neural Models

Emmanuele Chersoni

(Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)

Anne Lauscher

(University Hamburg, Germany)